Alicia "Saltina" Marie Clark | Paseo Art Space | March 2018

Throughout the month of March, the Paseo Art Space will feature original works by artist Alicia Saltina Marie Clark in her show titled Fragmentary Stories. A proud member of the Caddo Nation, Alicia works to preserve her unique personal history through art. Alicia received a laundry list of accolades for her art in high school and college, but chose to take the path less trodden after college graduation. For five years, Alicia traveled across North America, met people with alternative lifestyles and learned to live primitively, picking up on how to tan hides, create bone jewelry, spin wool, light a fire, dye natural fibers with plants and identify which wild plants were edible. After this adventure, Alicia returned to Oklahoma to pursue her calling as an artist, which she has embraced since she was a young child.