Seeking Summer Interns! (CLOSED)


The Paseo Arts Association (PAA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization located in Oklahoma City. The Paseo Arts Association will enrich, educate, and inspire the public through the arts. The Paseo Arts Association provides a unique environment for the visual, performing and culinary arts.

As the non-profit of the Paseo Arts District, the PAA manages a gallery (Paseo Art Space), Paseo Arts Festival, First Friday Gallery Walks, Paseo Arts Awards Dinner & Auction, juried exhibitions, educational programs and more.

The primary focus of this internship is to provide students with practical job experience with a non-profit while helping our organization. Students working as interns gain skills and experience over an extended period of time (usually 3-6 months) with an hourly commitment of at least 8-10 hours per week. Scheduling is flexible and can be worked around class schedules, but intern must be available to fulfill his or her hours Tuesday-Friday between 9am-5pm or Saturday 12-5pm. Extended hours on event days, including nights and weekends, are required.

Internship dates (flexible): June 6 - August 3, 2018

Position Requirements

  • Strong attention to detail and a demonstrated ability to take initiative

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to speak and communicate through the phone and over email

  • General knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office

  • Desire and ability to work in a fast-paced atmosphere with the flexibility to change tasks as priorities require with enthusiasm

  • For social media internship, experience with Adobe Suite is a major bonus!

The PAA seeks intern(s) to contribute to the various aspects of the non-profit business, including, but not limited to:

  • PR, promotion and marketing – social media, direct mail and web

  • Administrative groundwork and preparation for events and programs

  • Creative writing - profile pieces on Paseo artists and businesses

  • On-site support during events

  • Website content management

  • Gallery management

  • Membership and development

  • Grants proposals and reports

This is an unpaid internship position, but college credit is possible if approved by your advisor and university.

To learn more about the Paseo Arts Association and the Paseo Arts District, visit our website.

Please email a cover letter and resume in PDF format with your name in the filename to:

Paige Powell
Program Coordinator

Alicia "Saltina" Marie Clark | Paseo Art Space | March 2018

Alicia Clark Headshot-Large.jpg

Throughout the month of March, the Paseo Art Space will feature original works by artist Alicia Saltina Marie Clark in her show titled Fragmentary Stories. A proud member of the Caddo Nation, Alicia works to preserve her unique personal history through art. Alicia received a laundry list of accolades for her art in high school and college, but chose to take the path less trodden after college graduation. For five years, Alicia traveled across North America, met people with alternative lifestyles and learned to live primitively, picking up on how to tan hides, create bone jewelry, spin wool, light a fire, dye natural fibers with plants and identify which wild plants were edible. After this adventure, Alicia returned to Oklahoma to pursue her calling as an artist, which she has embraced since she was a young child.

Created with charcoal, graphite and paint, Alicia produces contemporary pieces that are inspired by her Native American roots. Having studied old Native American photographs in the Harvard Library archive, Alicia draws historical Native American figures with charcoal and graphite. “The medium is not permanent, like our own skin or bodies,” Alicia says. She creates the images’ backgrounds as well as the subjects’ clothing using paint, which is a more permanent medium. “Like our own clothes, when we pass on, our clothes and fabrics are sold, given away or preserved in museums,” Alicia explains. Pulling elements from stories told by her great-great grandmother and great-great-great grandfather, Alicia blends a unique combination of color and pattern to create her evocative illustrations and paintings.

  Scribble Jam Kids VIII

Scribble Jam Kids VIII

  Scribble Jam Kids V

Scribble Jam Kids V

“I aspire for my art to be able to bring awareness and contribute to causes that help with environmental and humanitarian issues and world peace,” Alicia says. Catch her show, Fragmentary Stories, which will be displayed in the Paseo Art Space March 2-31! 

  Scribble Jam Kids VI

Scribble Jam Kids VI

Lindsey Headshot Circle-03.png


PAA Intern

PAA Member Spotlight | Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver.JPG

Meet artist Jim Weaver and his best friend, Annie! Our final PAA Member Spotlight for the month of February goes to Jim, who has been exhibiting his unique pieces in Paseo art shows since 2014. When he is not busy teaching Annie how to drive, Jim creates works on tooled leather that express environmental and social themes.

His piece The Neonicotinoid Spring pays homage to Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, Silent Spring, which was the first to raise the dangers of indiscriminate pesticide use. Jim’s work will be displayed at the Annual PAA Members’ Show in the Paseo Art Space, which runs until Saturday, February 24!

  The Neonicotinoid Spring  by Jim Weaver

The Neonicotinoid Spring by Jim Weaver

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PAA Intern

PAA Member Spotlight | Sam Charboneau

Sam Charboneau Small 1.jpg

Artist Sam Charboneau claims the spot for this week’s Member Spotlight! Sam composites multiple photographs together to create work that transports the viewer to strange and unusual places. Her piece, The Exposed, is part of a ten piece series and features a sloth that is handcrafted with wire, foam, paint and fur. Sam explains that her work “explores the journey of finding oneself while searching for a true place to belong.”

Sam has been participating in Paseo exhibitions since 2015. “I love that the Paseo brings people out of their holes and into the wonderful weird world of art,” Sam says. “I enjoy walking through the different shops and galleries trying to absorb all its magic and wonder.”

Find more work by Sam on her website and view The Exposed at the Annual PAA Members’ Show in the Paseo Art Space, which will be up through Saturday, February 24!

  The Exposed  by Sam Charboneau

The Exposed by Sam Charboneau

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PAA Intern

PAA Member Spotlight | Bryan Dahlvang


This week’s Member Spotlight goes to artist Bryan Dahlvang! When asked what he loved most about the Paseo, Bryan said it had to be the “unique, inspirational zone of creativity” one can find every month with such a wide variety of art and artists. Whether he's painting, drawing or mixing things up with found objects like sticks, bones and orange peels, his work is distinct and unique. No wonder he has been exhibiting his evocative pieces in Paseo art shows since 2006!

Catch his latest work To the Bone, which was awarded an Honorable Mention by juror Marissa Raglin, at the Annual PAA Members’ Show in the Paseo Art Space, which runs until Saturday, February 24!

  To the Bone  by Bryan Dahlvang

To the Bone by Bryan Dahlvang

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PAA Intern


Paseo FEAST (Funding Emerging Artists with Sustainable Tactics) is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging art makers. At each Paseo FEAST patrons give a donation for which they receive dinner and a ballot. Diners spend the evening reviewing a series of project proposals and conversing with the artists behind each idea.

Attendees cast a vote for their favorite proposal, and by the end of the night, the artist who garners the most votes is awarded a grant comprised of that evening’s door money.

Tuesday, October 10, 6-8:30pm

Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo


Angie LaPaglia | Three Eves

Three Eves is visual poetry project that will culminate in an installation/exhibition that presents several poems with a common theme as visual art pieces, including live performance art by the poet.

Becca West and Wes Gard | Puppy the Old Dog

Puppy the Old Dog is the feel good graphic novel that will inspire and educate readers to recognize the true potential in others, and offer the second chances everyone deserves.

Current Studio | Classen Ten Penn Street Art Initiative

Our street art initiative will employ between five to ten artists and three to five student artists to create new and original works of public art to solve specific and systemic problems the Classen Ten Penn neighborhood faces, including, but not limited to, safety and public perception.

David Holland | Clouds in Perpetual Motion

To take the next step forward in my art career as a cloudscape artist, in order to approach larger venues, I need to upgrade my camera equipment to capture and process time lapse videos of developing thunderstorms so I can incorporate large screen or projection visuals into my exhibits.

LaQuincey Reed | Freed and Western

This project explores the similarities in attitudes, culture and entrepreneurship of African-Americans in "Western" culture and urban African-American culture.