Herban Mother is an Ultra-Premium Hemp Oil CBD Dispensary that offers the finest quality and highest strength CBD products. Our products help relieve various forms of chronic pain, such as anxiety, depression, stress and everyday bouts of pain and inflammation.

Our products are organically sourced by separating THC and CBD molecules using water column chromatography. This process removes all THC molecules and elevates the amount of CBD molecules. The elevated CBD molecules are then added to FSHO (full spectrum hemp oil). Because of the lack of THC molecules and addition of FSHO, our products have full plant synergy.

We manufacture our products locally in Oklahoma City with Can-Tek Labs LLC, which is one of the four FDA approved CBD manufacturing facilities in the country. All of our products have third-party batch certifications, so our customers are always receiving excellent, effective products.

Feel free to stop by and ask questions; our staff is fully versed and educated on all of our products. We take great pleasure in helping current and potential customers in their quest for natural, healthy products to relieve chronic pain. You can also find us on the Oklahoma Food Co-op page for more information.


Hector & Mary Najar
(405) 509 - 3183
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Tues - Fri | 11am - 6pm
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In the Pueblo at Paseo
607 NW 28th St.
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