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FEAST 2019



FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) is a unique arts funding concept that began in Sante Fe and came to Oklahoma City in 2012 through the initiative of two Paseo artists. This micro-granting program, now managed by the Paseo Arts Association, gives five hopeful artists an opportunity to compete for the financial support of the community to fund their vision.


A selection committee made up of professionals from the fields of art, music, film, poetry and performance review project proposals and select up to five finalists. Each attendee purchases a ticket, which includes their dinner and a ballot. During the dinner, finalists give a five-minute presentation about their project to the FEAST audience, and diners will cast their votes. The project with the most votes wins a grant comprised of the evening’s proceeds to fund their project! 


Aerola’s Big Trip | Aerola’s Big Trip 10th Anniversary
Republishing, “Aerola’s Big Trip,” an educational children’s’ book for its tenth anniversary and illustrate the second book.

Kat Hadlock | Norman High School Mural
Creating a mural of hope and inspiration for more than 2,300 high school students.

Jared Kinley | The Nude American West
The Nude American Midwest is a documentation of the midwest through the beliefs and
assumptions photographer Jared Kinley has had or heard from others of the Midwest. Nudity is used to portray the scenes in a simplified yet artistic light.

Angie LaPaglia + Emma Difani | Just In Case
Just In Case is a bold and charming children’s book about female empowerment crafted by poet Angie LaPaglia and printmaker Emma Difani. A portion of the proceeds from all sales will help fund programming at the Oklahoma City Girls Art School.



Deadline — Monday, September 16, 2019 by 11pm

Artist Notifications — Friday, September 20, 2019 by 5pm

Artist Meeting/Run-Through — Monday, October 7 at Picasso Café, 3009 Paseo

FEAST Event — Tuesday, October 8, 2019, 6 - 8pm, Picasso Café


  1. Four work samples – You can either upload images or include links below.

  2. Reference sheet – For visual art images, please include title, media and size for each image uploaded. For performance art URLS, please include a one-sentence description (including title and date) of each URL.

  3. Resume(s)

  4. Your project proposal – This can be as simple or as stylized as you wish, but it must be in PDF format and include the following sections:

PROJECT SUMMARY – A 1-2 sentence summary of your project. This summary will be printed on the ballot for attendees and used in marketing the event.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION – Describe your project. Please be as specific and tangible as possible. If your project includes a culminating public event (such as an exhibition or performance), please indicate your plans. Max 500 words.

PROJECT RELEVANCE – Why is this project important now? What is the project’s historical, personal and contextual background? Max 500 words.

USE OF FUNDS – How will you specifically use the money if you are funded?


Am I eligible to apply for Paseo FEAST?
Paseo FEAST invites Oklahoma-based artists and creative thinkers, working in all disciplines and at any stage in their career to apply. You must be a member of the Paseo Arts Association to apply. Learn more about PAA membership here.

What kinds of projects will the selection committee be looking for?
Some of the qualities that the selection committee will be looking for in artist project proposals include - innovation, quality of presentation, use of funds, creativity and feasibility. Proposals do not necessarily need to be for entire projects, but can include specific aspects of a larger project, such as - travel funds for a photo shoot or to meet collaborative partners, rent for a theatre space for a performance already in development, design fees or printing costs for a book of poetry, or supplies for an artist-led community action or event.

How large will the FEAST grant be?
Paseo FEAST grants are funded directly by the diners who come to each Paseo FEAST dinner. The more people who attend, the larger the grant will be. Past grants have ranged $700-$2,000.  Recipients are advised to consult a tax professional regarding the appropriate treatment of the Paseo FEAST grant for IRS purposes.

What kind of projects have been funded in the past?
Past projects have included a fashion designer, a slam poetry group, a hip-hop artist and educator, a visual artist studying lichen and a sculptor.

Are there any “strings” attached to receiving a Paseo FEAST grant?
Paseo FEAST grantees are REQUIRED to return to the next Paseo FEAST dinner to share progress on their winning project.

If I’m selected as a presenting finalist, do I still have to buy a ticket to Paseo FEAST?
Yes. We’re all in this together. Everyone who attends FEAST, including presenting artists and event organizers, MUST buy a ticket. Artists are able to vote and the ticket helps offset costs of the meal and funds the winning project.

How often do Paseo FEAST events take place?
FEAST dinners take place once a year.

I can’t make it to the event, can I still apply?
No – You must be present at Paseo FEAST to present your proposal.

I applied for Paseo FEAST but was not selected. Am I able to apply again?
Yes – We receive many proposals and can only accommodate five selected artists per event. Unless you have received a Paseo FEAST grant in the past, even if you have been selected as a presenting finalist, you may apply for another FEAST grant. 

If I am funded, when can I apply again?
Winning artists can not apply for the FEAST immediately after the event they win. For example, if you won FEAST 2018, the next time you could apply is FEAST 2020.

FEAST 14 (2018) WINNER

Marilyn Artus | Her Flag
The 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote is in 2020. She will travel to all 36 states in order of ratification and collaborate with a female artist in each state to create a 36 stripe 18’ x 26’ interpretation of the American flag called “Her Flag.”


J Cruise Berry | How to Cook a Wolf: An Opera in Seven Scenes
While WWII rages in Europe, a gastronomical war rages in an Upper West Side apartment. This one-woman chamber opera tries to capture some of the wisdom of our main character and expound upon it with real time cooking by the performer and the evanescent drama of live theatre.

Kjelshus Collins | Big Thing-Thing, Mass Producing Pop Art Through Japanese Sofubi
Kjelshus Collins is producing a limited edition of hand poured vinyl sculptures in Tokyo, Japan by means of traditional sofubi production.

Emma Difani & Alexa Goetzinger | Connect/Collect
Connect/Collect is a print exchange and exhibition which will introduce emerging and mid-career printmakers from Oklahoma to artists and organizations from across the US. The exhibition aims to highlight OKC as a center for artistic dialogue and collaboration.

Kristen Grace | The Leaves Poetry Press
Through my company, The Leaves Poetry Press, I will be teaching and working with beginning poets in underserved communities all year- Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, with the Homeless Alliance OKC population, and the students at OKC Girls Art School. Next summer, I would like to take the best poets and best poems and create a beautiful anthology that each poet can be proud of and use on resumes to build their future.